10 of Coins finished!

78 Tarot – 10 Of Coins Finished!

And the card is finished!

(To see my work in progress read the previous posts on this card)

10 of Coins painted for 78 Tarot

10 of Coins painted for 78 Tarot

About The Deck:

78 Tarot is an exciting deck created by 78 different artists, each made in their own style. I have painted the “10 of Coins” card you see here. Other artists contributing include Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Larry Elmore, Natalia Pierandrei, Delphine Griffin, Tanya Bond, Tiffany Toland-Scott, Carrie Hawks, Jessica Douglas, and many more!

About My 10 Of Coins Card:

Here and some questions provided by 78 Tarot for more further information on my cardHow did you decide to use the symbolism you have?
Family inheritance, wealth and material abundance are meanings for this card. I wanted to coin to be a repeated motif that could also work as a family symbol or coat of arms. As a gold colored coin it is also a symbol of wealth by itself. The family has a solid stone home with decorative work and statues of ancestors from centuries earlier. Abundance is also reflected in their rich clothing.

How did you choose what to use to represent the pentacles (coins)?

Since the Pentacles is the earth suit I knew I wanted to use a lot of green and leaves in the background. 10 of coins is all about strong foundations, and security. I chose ivy leaves because I associate them with old buildings. It takes time for vines to grow over a wall, while the wall needs to be solid stone to stand up to the roots.

How did you go about choosing the story you would tell?

I looked at several versions of the card that had been published. I didn’t really really like any of them. I read as many descriptions of the meaning as I could and wrote down the main points that seemed important to me. Then I tried to think of what sort of scene could bring those together and still be something I enjoyed to paint. The mother passing her necklace to her daughter and the motif reflected in the architecture and her dress bring together the ideas of family, inherited wealth, tradition, and leaving behind something that lasts.

Why the maternal scene?

I didn’t really relate to the old man’s point of view in the Rider Waite card, but I still wanted a way to show generations of a family.

How long did the process take you?

I worked for about a month on it. It took a couple weeks to work out an idea from brainstorming and sketches to the final drawing.